Photobiosimulation Research Group

The focus of this group is on non-thermal and photochemical usage of light and laser

in medicine.

The major activities of this group are:

  • Photobiosimulation on treatment of central and peripheral nerve injuries
  • Photobiosimulation on accelerating the healing processes of chronic wounds
  • Photobiosimulation on stem cell
  • Photobiosimulation on immunologic and allergic diseases

Recent Projects:

  • Phtobiostimulative effect on chronic diabetic foot ulcer (clinical trials)
  • Low level Lasers in Treatment of vitiligo
  • Low level Lasers in Treatment of acne vulgaris
  • Prophylactic effect of low level laser therapy in chemotherapy induced oral Mucositis
  • Prophylactic effect of low level laser therapy in radiotherapy induced oral Mucositis
  • Low level laser therapy in Musculoskeletal Disorder
  • Effect of photobiosimulation on Stem cell proliferation and differentiation
  • Effect of low level laser therapy on multi-drug resistant (MDR) of pathologic microorganisms (in vitro studies(
  • Low level laser therapy periodontal flap surgery
  • mechanisms of photobiosimulation in experimental modeling

Future Plans:

  • Dose-response effect of photobiosimulation
  • Photobiosimulative effects on nerve regeneration
  • Laser-tissue mathematical modeling
  • Immunomodulative effect f law level laser therapy in immunologic conditions (asthma, allergy, etc.)