Dental Center


This center has started it activities enjoying the specialists, professors and the faculty members since 1980 and 1984 in two separate branches.

It has been for three decades that the dental specialty clinic has been presenting the most qualified services to the patient with utilizing the modern dental equipment and the experienced dentists.

Clinic Targets

  • Promoting general health and oral health
  • lowering dental costs to the public
  • establishing a center in accordance with health ministry standards
  • utilizing the experienced medical staff and creating job opportunities for the graduates
  • providing the ground for research
  • applying the innovative plans to perform dental services

Center Services

  • Restoration Of Dental Caries
  • Root Canal Therapy
  • (Fixed) Dental Prostheses
  • Removable Dental Prostheses
  • Tooth Extractions,Impacted Or Wisdom Tooth Surgery
  • Dental Abscess Treatment
  • Dental Implant
  • Functional Plaque Syntheses, Anterior Tooth Restoration
  • Preventive orthodontic treatment
  • Tooth scaling
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Bleaching
  • Radiography

Contact us:

Branch 1:No. 66, Nazari St. Aboureihan St. Enqlab St. Tehran.

Tel no., 66488971

Branch 2:No. 25, Hosseini St., Karimkhan St, Haft Tir St. Tehran.