Home Care


This center was established under the supervision of ACECR in order to provide 24 hours healing services in a package as a full team health in all districts of Tehran.

Goals, Objectives, and Activities

  • (Health program for the elderly, the handicapped and the veterans)

Significant Achievements

  • The center now has more than 40,000 subscribers and nearly 5,000 monthly dispatches.

Existing and potential facilities

  • 7/24 call center
  • Services Provided at Home
  • General Practitioner and Specialist
  • Nursing Services (Catheterization, Injections, Contact Serum, Dressing, Bed Sores, Etc.)
  • Dressing Diabetic and Pressure Sores By a Team of Experienced and Trained Doctors and Nurses
  • Digital radiology and portable ultrasound at home
  • Heart Echo cardiogram (portable at home and EKG)
  • Complementary Medicine (Hejamat, Swedish Therapeutic Massage To Relieve Muscle Spasms, Plantar Massage Therapy ,Relaxation Massage …)
  • Audiology at Home
  • ICU at Home
  • Blood And Urine Sampling
  • Photo-therapy
  • Ambulance
  • Periodic Individual and Group Checkups

Contact Us:

1st Floor, No.65, Ravanmehr St., Abureihan St., Enqlab St.

Tel no. 64064 & 88808888