Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research (ACECR)

Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research (ACECR) Branch of Teheran university of Medical Science

Feeling the urgent need to efficient forces to provide emergency medical services, the Educational Deputy of ACECR began its activities in 1981 to train rescue and emergency experts in natural and unnatural disasters. Since that time our mission has been to promote the knowledge and skills of professionals in the field of health. So far as this center has played an effective role as one of the custodians of training the job-skill courses in the field of medical sciences.

Given the importance of health in the country and its role in fundamental changes in the country, the educational deputy of ACECR has acted as one of the leading centers in various fields of medicine, dentistry, allied health and public health in order to transfer updated medical knowledge, and to empower the health professionals in the field of health. Innovation and quality in implementing the courses are the significant features of the department.

Significant achievement

presentation of knowledge-based, skill-based, and career-based courses for governmental and non-governmental organizations including professional skill courses such as first-aids, rescue, dental assistant, pharmacy technician, medical equipment, and foreign language courses.

The relationship with advanced technical and supreme international and educational centers and the issue of the certificate in common.

Implementation distance and semi-distance job and skill- based courses
Production and dissemination of content for courses such as first aids, medical emergencies and dental assistant’s books (for the public), pharmacy technicians.
Educational cooperation with universities, international and domestic scientific and technical centers and associations and implementation of specialized training courses in partnership with the Academy of Implant Dentistry of America.
Holding workshops and seminars including genetic counseling.
Production and distribution of educational and training packages related to educational and psychological issues including packages of ‘how to communicate effectively with children’, ‘prevention of social problems in teenagers’, ‘puberty and sexual education for children and adolescents’.