Employment-Oriented Specialty Training courses

  • Dental Assistant Training Courses

In Dental Clinics and Offices, the dental assistants play an important role as members of the healthcare team.the aim of this course is to familiarize the individuals with scientific and technical subjects in order to be able to work as dental assistants. Due to the rapid growth of sciences in the fields of dentistry, Trainings related to each of the specialty fields and gaining skills for dentist assistants in essential.

  • Pharmacy Technician Training course

At the present time, in Iran, ten thousand employees are working in about 8300 (public and private) pharmacies. In these centers, pharmacy technician, pharmacy technician assistance, seller of cosmetics and orthopedics (being experimentally trained) are working under the supervision of pharmacists. Since new products are rapidly entering the pharmacy, it is necessary that the people who are interested in this career take this course.This is important not only to increase clients’ satisfaction but also improves staff productivity.

  • Medical Equipment Repair Technician Training Course

As a medical repair technician, the individual is able to perform routine inspections, maintenance procedures, and repair work on a variety of sophisticated medical devices. Through this coursework, the learner becomes knowledgeable in the use of specialized tools, such as multi meters, soldering irons, and computer software, in order to properly calibrate and adjust equipment to operate at its highest level of accuracy. The trainee also becomes familiar with the latest medical technology and equipment, including:

Patient monitoring systems


X-ray machines

Heart monitors

Electric wheelchairs

Telemetry systems

Ultrasound equipment

  • Emergency Rescue Training course

Despite all the progress that has been made in various fields of science and technology, unfortunately, the man is vulnerable to many accidents. Given the growing proliferation of these events such as cardiovascular disorders, accidents, burns, drowning, falls, poisoning, etc., it is necessary to gain the most basic preparation in order to deal with these events. Unfortunately, since many of these accidents are inevitable, accurate and timely relief seems to be highly important. According to the World Health Organization, the first people who arrive on the scene play a very important role in the prevention serious consequences of accidents if they are familiar with the basics of first aids.

  • Foreign Language Department

This departments has been active since 1998 in providing various courses in the field of foreign languages.

It has been successful to equip those who are interested in learning a foreign language for a different purposes.at the present time, this department offers the following courses.

  • Hospital Conversation and Correspondence
  • Business Conversation and Correspondence
  • OET (Occupational English Test)
  • Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary
  • Free Discussion
  • Teacher Training Course