Knowledge-Based Specialty Training Courses


Given the importance of health in the community and its role in fundamental changes in the country, as well as rapid changes in this area, and the need for doctors to acquire knowledge, one of the tasks of educational department is to Identify and monitor new issues and transfer it to domestic and foreign experts. In this regard, with the launch of various departments. We try to scan all sectors and corners of the Health Sciences for each of the measures to be taken

Medical-related training courses

  • Acupuncture courses

Acupuncture courses are held in collaboration with the Center for Sports Medicine of Tehran University (Training more than 500 people, for 5 years)

For centuries, acupuncture, a form of Chinese medicine, has been used to treat various diseases. Acupuncture is based on the idea that energy flows inside and outside the body through the energy channels. Acupuncturists believe the person gets sick when something blocks the energy path. Acupuncture has been used to remove these blockages and make a balance.

  • Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling courses are held in collaboration with Welfare Organization (training more than 650 people, for 7 years) Genetic counseling is actually a branch of Medical Genetics that investigates the risk of genetic diseases and provides appropriate solutions in order to prevent the recurrence of genetic diseases. Witnessing thousands genetic diseases has made genetic Medical counseling as an essential measure before marriage and before and during pregnancy and birth. Genetic counseling has always been as an important step to prevent hereditary disabilities as one of the priorities of the community in the field of social health.

  • Dental related courses

Since 2005, this department has designed developed and launched dental comprehensive training workshops and also has implemented the following courses for more than 4,700 dentists under the authority of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and in collaboration with the relevant associations and colleges.

Introductory and advanced implants in collaboration with AAID (for 11 years, training more than 2,600 people)

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry (for 11 years, training more than 1,000 people)

Orthodontics (for 11 years, training more than 700 people)

Prosthesis(training more than 200 people)

  • Wound Management

Wound can be considered as one of the most important issues in the topic of Medical Sciences. Millions of people suffer from all kinds of acute and chronic wounds. In the world. On the one hand, it has isolated patients and worried their families. On the other hand, it has imposed large medical expenditures on them. Thus, health staff must have enough information about the kinds of wounds, wound care. Since The timely diagnosis, proper treatment of wounds play an important role in decreasing treatment expenditures and preventing the possible complications.

  • Wound management courses

Evaluation And Treatment Of Wounds

Management of Acute And Chronic Wounds

Management of diabetic foot ulcers

modern methods of antiseptic wound treatment

Pharmacy Related Courses

Hospital Pharmacy

Medicinal Plants comprehensive courses

Today the trend in the use of medicinal plants (as an effective and safe therapy) in the treatment of diseases is on the rise. So that phototherapy Courses (modern herbal treatment) are presented as specialty courses at many universities in the world.

The use of medicinal plants and herbal therapy as a branch of alternative medicine allows doctors to utilize two methods together instead of using only one method (conventional medicine) to deliver more effective, safer and better health care.

  • Nursing and Midwifery Related Courses
  • pregnancy health coaching course Coach preparation for pregnancy in collaboration with the Association of Gynecologists (for 9 years, training more than 1,150 people)
  • Wound Management in collaboration with the Research department of ACECR of Tehran University
  • Nursing Management